Merced Verbena is a luxury designer brand owned and operated by Merced Verbena Jackson. Our core values are craftsmanship, precision, originality, and the power to move one's emotions.

MV offers hand-made/made to order one of kind, yet timeless and fashion-forward pieces. We recently have added loungewear, home goods such as luxury candles, and Ready-To-Wear to our brand. Developed from personal life experiences and the goal to feel self-empowered and confident, we strive to exemplify love and light for every person we meet. Also, being influenced by travel experiences to and from Paris, London, and Italy, our goal is to create designs that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style, globally. The ideal customer loves to make a lasting impression when entering and leaving any room.

Our recently added lounge and candle collection is to promote self-care and bring awareness to combating anxiety, depression, stress and to empower ourselves, always.

A big goal of ours it to create a community where we can uplift one another, share advice and resources, and give back to our community.